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Villa Galileo

Villa Galileo

The villa in Arcetri where Galileo Galilei spent the last part of his life, including the period of house arrest after the Holy Office condemnation, is fascinating in many ways. Part of the estate is called "Gioiello" (jewel) for its spectacular location on the gentle hills just above Florence. The villa, perfectly restored and surrounded by an evocative garden, is to date testimony of studies and scientific discoveries, but also of family affections, of sharing space and knowledge with illustrious students, and of Galileo's passion for the care of his garden and vineyard.

The visit to the villa include audiovisual experiences, such as a short illustrating Galileo's life and touch-screens where you can explore the map of Galileo's places and his main scientific instruments.


The villa is located in via del Pian dei Giullari 42, Florence - map

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last update: 13-Feb-2018
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