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Villa La Quiete

Villa La Quiete


Villa La Quiete takes its name from the fresco "La Quiete che pacifica il vento" (the calm that pacifies the wind), painted in 1632 by Giovanni da San Giovanni. Acquired in 1432 by Niccolò da Tolentino, the Villa passed in 1453 to Pierfrancesco of Lorenzo de' Medici and remained in the Medici family until 1561. In 1627 the Villa was purchased by the Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Christina of Lorraine and in 1650 passed to Eleonora Ramirez de Montalvo, founder of the secular Congregation of the Little Ancille of the Holy Trinity, which set as its task the religious and cultural education of noble Florentine maidens.

The church pertaining to the Villa was built and consecrated in 1688 upon commission by the Grand Duchess Vittoria della Rovere.

In 1716 the Grand Duchess Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, Electress of the Palatinate, assumed the patronage of the Montalve, choosing La Quiete as a place of holiday and spiritual retreat. The frescoes on the ground floor date back to this period and the Italian garden is still considered among the most beautiful and best preserved Medici Gardens. With the suppression of all monastries carried out by the Savoy government in 1864, Villa La Quiete became property of the state. The lay order of the Ancille of Holy Trinity were nonetheless allowed to continue their educationnal mission for young girls. Until the first half of the twentieth century, the Women's Conservatory La Quiete enjoyed a remarkable prestige, but since the Second World War, this centuries-old institution has largely seen its mission loose importance with a drastic decline in enrolments.

Villa La Quiete is the property of Regione Toscana but it is managed by the University Museum System which also owns the historic patrimony in it, in order to promote the visit programme and a better use of the premises.


Address:  via di Boldrone 2, Firenze | Map


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