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MSN Museo di Storia Naturale

Support the Museum

The Museum of Natural History is a public institution that has been pursuing educational, research and conservation purposes for over two centuries.

Every year we have 100,000 visitors to welcome, 3000 classes to educate, 100 research projects to carry out; we also have immense heritage, consisting of over 10 million specimens, to be conserved and valorized.

That's why the Museum needs your help. Your contribution will be used to carry out actions of great impact and visibility that will ensure a gratification to be shared with all visitors. Here are some suggestions that could really use your support.

Crowdfunding campaign for a Smell Library at the Giardino dei Semplici. The 4 boxes will be used to spread the essences that will be selected according to the plants from which they are extracted and which are cultivated and visible in the Garden.

last update: 13-Nov-2017
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