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    Mineralogy and Lithology

    The Mineralogy Section (via La Pira, 4) is temporarily closed to the public due to renovation works.

    An important part of the University's mineralogical collections can be visited at the "La Specola" Zoology Section (Via Romana, 17) in the new Mineraliter: Wonderful stones between the Medicis and Nature exhibition, which offers an extraordinary selection of carved stones belonging to the Medici family, alongside with an exhibition of aesthetic minerals, coming from Italy and all over the world.

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    The exhibition

    In the new Mineraliter set-up visitors can admire the spectacular interweaving of elongated tourmaline crystals of various colors, associated with colorful mica, the white albite and quartz from Brazil and the Medici collection of carved stones, which is part of the oldest and most prestigious nucleus of the Museum's treasures.

    Among the most spectacular specimens there are the red and yellow jasper goblets belonging to Lorenzo de' Medici known as the Magnificent, two jade goblets in the shape of a lotus flower of Ming manufacture, the boat-shape vase made from a single block of hyaline quartz, crafted in Florence in the 16th century, the lapis lazuli vase described by Vasari, an ebony table top inlaid with jasper, chalcedony, agate, carnelian and lapis lazuli, also from the 16th century.


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