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Use and Rental of Museum Facilities and Patrimony

Room Hire

Some of the Museum spaces can be hired for events such as conferences, seminars,  private functions or simply just private visits.

The intended use of the facilities must be compatible with security and safety issues, as well as the nature of the premises. Rental requests must therefore meet the requirements specific for each individual space and will be assessed by the management before being approved. All enquiries should be addressed to:


The proceeds raised from such activity are fully reinvested in the Museum, the conservation of the collections or for new acquisitions.

Photographing and Filming

The Museum allows free photographing and filming solely for non commercial use.

All commercial uses need to apply for authorisation ot the Museum Director by filling in the required forms (rtf - pdf).

Loans for Temporary Exhibitions

Samples of museum collections can be borrowed for temporary exhibitions.

The loan request, complete with the scientific project and the Facility Report on the exhibition space, must be addressed to the Director of the Museum at least 6 months before the start of the event.

The Director, with the authorisation of the President, the Section Manager and the Curator of the collection, sends the applicant a list of the works approved for loan on the appropriate form (rtf - pdf) that the applicant is required to complete in every part and return to the Director.

In the event that the Section Manager finds justified reasons for denying the loan, he must make a written statement to the Chairman and the Director.

Among the loan conditions are the verification of the requirements of the exhibition venue, the approval of a specialized shipment company and the stipulation of a comprehensive insurance policy.

All costs arising from packaging and shipping, as well as insurance cover, shall be borne by the applicant.

In any case, the applicant agrees to acknowledge the origin of the exhibit as follows: On loan from the Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence. The Borrower must also send to the Museum Section from which the material originated a copy of the exhibition catalogue.


last update: 10-Nov-2017
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