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MSN Museo di Storia Naturale


The Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence is a public institution that guarantees scientific and museological research, promotion and dissemination of the culture of natural sciences as well as the preservation, increase and public accessibility of its collections.

The Museum of Natural History, in accordance with its Rules of Procedure, seeks to preserve, preserve, enhance and enhance its collections. To this end, the Museum develops study and research activities in collaboration with other researchers and institutions.

The museum also assures the public access of its heritage, pursuing a policy of eliminating all existing physical and cultural barriers.

Finally, the museum carries out educational activities, establishing collaborations and agreements as well as events and publications.  In achieving its mission, the Museum of Natural History is inspired by the principles of equality, impartiality, safety, quality, continuity, participation.

The Museum of Natural History is also committed to promote scientific research, the knowledge of its collections, the valorization of its scientific heritage, the development of a coherent vision of knowledge, the creation of a cohesive working environment enhance performances, with management policies aimed at promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

last update: 14-Nov-2017
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