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09 January 2019 - 12:31    Stampa la notizia: Findings from the Anthropology Museum on display


Findings from the Anthropology Museum on display

The University Museum System to participate to the exhibition "Aztecs, Maya, Incas and the

In the new International Museum of Ceramics (MIC) exhibition, Aztecs, Maya, Inca and the cultures of ancient America are told through 300 artifacts from the MIC collection and other works from the most important Italian anthropological museums and private collections.

The exhibition, open until 28 April 2019, curated by Antonio Aimi and Antonio Guarnotta, offers an overview of pre-Columbian America and presents to visitors a synthesis of the cultural traits that were common to different cultures and the analysis of the specificity and peculiarity of some of them.

The exhibition itinerary is divided into different sections dedicated to the natural environment, to populations and their social structures, to music, writing and systems of calculation, to religion and shamanism. The latter includes the contribution of the University Museum System, which has lent the two "atlatl", ceremonial propellers in wood and pure gold attributed to the Mixtec culture.


Aztecs, Maya, Incas and the Cultures of Ancient America

MIC (International Museum of Ceramics), Via Campidori, 2, 48018 Faenza,

Curated by Antonio Aimi and Antonio Guarnotta

11 November 2018 - 28 April 2019

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