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Carnival at the Museum

Masks in animals

Saturday 3 February, 2.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Animals have special shapes and extraordinary colours, but it's not a Carnival joke! The colours and shapes of some serve for appearance, as for the male peacock, others have them to hide and not be devoured, as for the stick insect or to ambush, as in the case of the praying mantis. Together we explore the Museum in search of animals with the most fascinating "costumes", so as to get inspiration to create our own mask.

Zoology 'La Specola', Via Romana 17 - Florence
Costs: € 6/3 + € 1 per child for the workshop

Masks in peoples

Sunday 4 February, 2.30 pm - 4.00 pm
How many different masks can we find in the museum? On the occasion of the Carnival we travel together a fascinating journey through masks coming from distant places and peoples. We leave room for imagination ... we also build our mask with natural materials.

Anthropology, Via del Proconsolo 12 - Florence
Costs: € 6/3 + € 1 per child for the workshop

Children are encouraged to participate in dress-up costumes but please note that inside the Museum it is forbidden to use streamers, foam and confetti.

Reservations are required for all activities.

Information and reservations

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