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Giottolandia Exhibition

giottolandia exhibit

The stones displayed in this exhibition come from beaches and creekbeds of theTuscan and Lazio Maremma, the land of the "giottoli". The "giottoli" are stones made of limestone, a non-precious material, but which in these specimens has liveries rich in colors and multiform designs, almost like the anticipations of abstract painting. The name recalls the world of Tuscan painters and the Franciscan poverty of the material they are made of.


Despite the fame that ruin marble, the most famous example of stone that seems painted, has earned itself over the centuries in Tuscany, the ones originating from Maremma have not attracted the interest of people until recently. The temporary exhibition proposes for the first time their evocative beauty, next to that of the splendid minerals exhibited in the "Mineraliter" exhibition, already open to the public in the "La Specola" Museum .


9 February - 8 April 2018
Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm; closed on Mondays
Museum of Natural History of Florence
"La Specola" Via Romana 17, Florence

The places of the exhibition

Galileo's Tribune - 1st floor - free admission
Temporary exhibit hall - 2nd floor - entrance fee € 6.00/3.00
The ticket also includes a visit to the Mineraliter and the Zoological Collection

Collateral activities at the exhibition

Geology around the “giottoli”
Conference by Prof. Marco Benvenuti, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Florence
Tuesday 20 February, 4:30 pm (free admission)
Sala Strozzi, via La Pira 4 -  Florence

Creative workshops on pebble painting

Sunday 18 February, 10:30 am; Saturday 3 March, 2:30 pm;
Saturday 7 April, 10:30 am
Zoology, 'La Specola', via Romana 17 - Florence
For adults and children aged 10 and over. Maximum of 15 participants.

Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: admission + workshop (€ 3) for each visitor.
The cost of the activity includes the visit to the exhibition and the necessary materials for the workshop.

Reservation is mandatory.

Aphorisms contest
Being inspired by the suggestions evoked in Alejandro Jodorowski's book Le pietre del cammino (Giunti, 2013), accompanied by a wealth of images by Roberto Mari's “giottoli”, visitors are invited to leave their aphorism at the end of the exhibition itinerary. The most significant will be published in the Museum's website at the closing of the exhibition.

Information and bookings

To find out more:;

Museum of Natural History of Florence
Unifi Home Page

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