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150 years of Anthropology and Ethnology


**Update** (in Italian)


Around the 150 years of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology of Florence, the first in Italy, 2020 is a year dotted with round tables, shows, meetings and tales dedicated to the stories and collections of the Museum, with an active look at the present.

«We are considering all points of view»: from this primordial idea by Paolo Mantegazza, founder of the Museum in 1869, in the 150 years of development of the collections the testimony of the richness of the diversity of peoples has matured. Each event will thus be a journey, a continuous dialogue with the stories of the museum and with the diversity that characterise it.

2020 Calendar 

The Shared Museum. Close-up encounters with the collections | at 3 pm 
Entry with a concession ticket (€3)
4 April | 18 April | 23 May | 19 September | 24 October

Great women of the 1800s. Presentation of the book by Paolo Mantegazza, "La mia mamma, Laura Solera Mantegazza" (My mother, Laura Solera Mantegazza)
13 May | at 5 pm

Anthropological Research 150 years later 
22 May | at 9.30 am

Meet with Dacia Maraini. Memories of her childhood in Japan with her father Fosco
11 June | at 5 pm

Talking drums. The languages of talking drums: music and dance of Ghana's Ewe culture 
16 July | at 8.30 pm

Museums and traditional cultures in a conversation for biodiversity  Collections of the Yanomami culture between the Amazon and Italy
25 September | at 4.30 pm

Tales from the House of Nobody. the Museum meets the Sollicciano penitentiary 
8 October | at 5 pm

The history of the museum. The first chair of Anthropology in Italy in the years when Florence was the capital of Italy (1865-71)
12 November | at 5 pm

Free guided tours (entry fee to the Museum as advertised above)

Unless otherwise indicated, entry to the events is free until capacity is reached.

This series of initiatives is enjoys the contribution of the Società Italiana di Antropologia e Etnologia, that is celebrating its 150 years since foundation together with the Museum that hosts its offices.

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