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A sperm whale at the Botanical Gardens

Inauguration of the work Il Capodoglio Giovanni (Giovanni the Sperm Whale) by Edoardo Malagigi on Friday 6 September. It's a 12-meter-long installation, realized - thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione CR di Firenze and Gruppo Hera - with 2,200 used cartons of Tetrapak.


The work represents a truly existing sperm whale, identified in 2016 by the Thethys Research Institute in the northern Mediterranean Sea and nicknamed by researchers "Giovanni". Giovanni ideally leaves the marine environment to share with us the fragility of its existence, put at risk by human activity in the seas and by the great issue of plastic waste.

At 4 pm, in the Aula Magna of the University's Main Admin Building (Piazza San Marco, 4 - Florence), there will be opening greetings by the institutions and addresses by Sabina Airoldi, marine biologist and director of Tethys' research programs, Adrian Fartade and Willy Guasti, youtubers and scientific disseminators.

At 6 pm, at the Botanical Gardens "Giardino dei Semplici" (via Micheli, 4 - Florence), inauguration of the work in the presence of the artist.

Folk-rock music with Robin’suite and ice cream tastings offered by the Gelateria Barroccino will follow.

Admission is free

Il Capodoglio Giovanni will remain on display at the Botanical Gardens until 6 October 2019.


Made in collaboration with the Associazione CUT | Circuito Urbano Temporaneo, Il Capodoglio Giovanni is a project curated by Valeria D'Ambrosio and Stefania Rinaldi which stands as the final phase of Whale HUB, a project of audience development and new media strategies developed for the Museum of Geology and Paleontology of the University Museum System.

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