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Flowers IV. De Imaginatione


Again this year the University Museum System's Botanical Gardens collaborate with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze to set up the exhibition Flowers now in fourth edition: the title is De Imaginatione.

Curated by Cristian Biasci, Maria Grazia Pontorno, Francesco Roviello, Giandomenico Semeraro, Vincenzo Ventimiglia, lthe exhibition will run until 28 September 2019.

As in previous years the works have been designed and realised by both direct inspiration from the Botanical Gardens by finding their ideal placement in the gardens or around the perimeter of the Museum. The lyrical and conceptual indication vary, being the Botanical Gardens such a special and evocative place right in the heart of Florence.

Likewise, the materials used are also the most diverse, traditional or otherwise, as a whole to be shifted from time to time with an emphasis on a highly current dimension, between natural and artificial, according to a great expressive richness and always in close relationship with the present. There are works created by individual authors, but also multi-handed works, as is the case of corded ferns (developed with the coordination of the Botswain Giulio D’Elia, from the school ship Amerigo Vespucci of the Italian Navy).

Once again, the title ‘Flowers’ came as a logical consequence given its host place, but carries with it a number of added implications ranging from beauty to ecology, from spirituality to historical and scientific analysis. The result is of great involvement for the visitors, who find themselves at the same time appreciating a great variety of stimuli that shift from the garden to the artistic elaboration, or vice versa that from an artistic base, they lead to the discovery of the garden and its plants.



FLOWERS IV. De Imaginatione

Botanical Gardens “Giardino dei Semplici, Via P.A. Micheli, 3 Florence

From 9 July to 28 September 2019 – hours: 10 am -6.30 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Info: 055 2756444


Works by: Mahmoud Barati, Giada Biagioni, Alice Biffi, Beatrice Blosi, Elisa Bonciani, Margherita Cancellieri, Sara Carocci, Angelica Cattafi, Caterina Cecioni, Giulia Ciappi, Leandro D’Agnone, Fiamma D’Auria, Emilia D’Ettore, Cristian Erdas, Cosimo Figliomeni, Pietro Fratto, Giulia Girolami, Lu Haoje, Non Kaewaru, Chiara Mastrangelo, Maria Merlo, Pierre Fabrice Metogo Endougou, Simone Nicoletti,  Emma Fiore Nischler, Rodrigo Nunes, Martina Paladini, Luca Puri, Jiang Puyuan, Davide Rebeschini, Gregorio Rossi, Maria Erendira Setaro, Zoya Shokoohi, Gianni Sorrentino, Zhang Xiao.




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